How to Create a Customer Persona?

23 April 2024
How to Create a Customer Persona?

No company would ever succeed without customers. But there are still a lot of brands that didn’t really make it because of several reasons, and one of them is failure to build a customer persona.

One key element for effective brand promotion is coming up with an accurate customer persona. An entrepreneur must know that it is important for you to develop a marketing plan or strategy in order to identify and get to know an audience. Every move should capture your audience’s attention so that they would feel compelled to become involved with your brand and this can only happen if you know the specific attributes of your target audiences.

What is customer persona?

A customer persona is an imaginative representation of an actual target audience. It usually comprises the following:

  • Demographics
  • Behavior and preferences
  • Beliefs, ethics, morals, culture
  • Needs, voids
  • Mode of entertainment of information

This will guide you in building a framework that precisely targets your preferred market. Having a detailed and specific customer persona will give you an assurance that no effort will be put to waste.

So how do we create a customer persona?

Do target audience research
Achieving this includes knowing the commonalities of your customers. You can start of by researching where your customers are based, who are repeat purchasers, and what are their similarities? Getting this information is a step to getting a detailed specification of your customers that will help you know who to focus on. Conducting an email survey to your current subscribers, that consists of questions about their demographics and interests is also a good way to learn more about your target audience.

Pin their most common details
After researching your audience, you can now identify their common traits through the surveys you have conducted. Identify the most important characteristics that has an impact with how you communicate with your audience, this includes demographics, behaviours, challenges and interests, and email preferences.

Organise different personas
Since you are now aware of your customers’ details, categorise them and have separate lists. To achieve this, you need to identify who has the same attributes and who are different.

Name your personas
The most efficient way to come up with your persona is to name them. It will help you remember that you are dealing with real people and will give you a sense of reality that will help you create a personalised content.

Write a personalised email
Now that the details are complete, you can now starting writing personalised emails. With this in mind, you can have the assurance that your audience will want to engage with your content because of its personal approach that gives more relevance to their day to day lives.

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