SEO Quick Wins

13 February 2023
SEO Quick Wins

Every experienced digital marketer knows how SEO works and how it plays a vital role in generating leads for your content that helps your business grow. But they are also aware that coming up with an effective strategy to maximise your SEO experience is not as easy as it looks. Just like any means of making your strategies work, you need to learn how to master them first because success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, effort on aligning your objectives, planning, and the like. 

However, since SEO has been going around for quite some time, a lot of techniques have been discovered in order to gain attainable quick wins. So with no further ado here are several SEO Quick Win tips:

Improve your structured data

You can incorporate rich snippets to your HTML to prompt Google about what your content is about. You can use reviews, people, products, businesses, recipes, etc. If you provide a more structured data, you can potentially enhance your clickthrough rate and lessen your bounce rate. 

Get your 404 errors fixed

The last thing your audience would like to encounter when clicking your site is receiving a 404 error. It is important that you keep your site monitored and free from error to avoid bounce rate as well.

Improve your existing pages

Regardless of how structured your data gets, if your page looks sloppy then you cannot expect getting the clickthrough rate you want to achieve that’s why you have to optimize your pages like the title tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, headers, and body content.

Check your local listings

Aim to set up your brand on Google My Business for you to get the chance of appearing in Google’s local search. To increase your chances in appearing on the top result then your name, address, and phone number must be always consistent.

Make your page mobile friendly 

Since most of your audience access the digital world through smart phones, it is vital that you have a mobile-friendly web design. Google has set an algorithm that checks if your page is mobile friendly.

Retrieve your site mentions

Be aware that links make you rank on top in Google. Learning to build your link is a great way to stay on top that is why retrieving your site to get you back on the game is essential. You can achieve this by fixing your broken links and targeting brand mentions. 

Look for low-hanging keyword fruit

It takes time and effort in finding new keywords. One way of gaining quick wins for your SEO is finding an existing keyword that you almost ranked for.

Get your duplicate content fixed

Having the same content with multiple page hosting can spell disaster in your SEO and this needs to be fixed ASAP!

Enhance your site’s speed

Know that your site’s speed can make or break your ranking. Make sure that before promoting your content you have to test first if it loads fast and not let your audience keep waiting.

Improve your internal anchor text

Be aware that Google utilises anchor text to distinguish what your page is about. You have to create a catchphrase that is descriptive but not too much in order for you not to get in trouble with Google. 

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