What is Reputation Management?

20 January 2020
What is Reputation Management?

Businesses up and down the country are looking at strategies and methods to acquire new customers. You’ve probably brainstormed with your team new initiatives and ideas to get more customers buying your products or services.

However, one of the most effective ways to build a loyal stream of customers who are happy to promote your business and brand is through positive online reviews. Reputation Management focuses on helping businesses like yours, protect their image and perception in the eyes of customers.

It can take years and years to build a business and a brand. Providing great products or excellent customer service is just the start of building out your overall image. However, one bad experience or negative review can really harm your business, both in terms of revenue but also in terms of your overall image.

When talking about Reputation Management, we are really focusing on increasing positive customer reviews whilst at the same time, having a process in place to potentially capture negative reviews before they are posted online.

For example, think about the last time you purchased a product on Amazon or you were deciding to try a new restaurant for a meal. Chances are, you looked online to see some customer reviews. Furthermore, your eyes naturally gravitated towards any negative reviews, even if they were amongst 20 positive reviews. The reason for this is as customers, we are looking for social proof and validation of our decisions. If we see negative reviews we are interested in finding out what happened and whether it will happen to us.

The same process is applied by your potential customers before they visit your premises or buy your products or services. Our Reputation Management Platform links your business to any review site in the world including TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. You can then send out links via email, for instance, asking your customers to review your business.

Once prompted, your customers have 2 options. If they select positive, they will have the option of leaving a review on their site of choice. However, if they click on negative, they will not be directed to a review site. Instead, a form will appear to capture their negative experience and this will be emailed to you for remedial action.

As a result, you can potentially reduce or eliminate the number of negative reviews you receive and better protect your reputation.
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