Can your business afford to not go digital?

12 September 2022
Can your business afford to not go digital?

Going digital may seem a big step for some entrepreneurs because they are still stuck in old school marketing methods like flyers, radio ads, word of mouth, and the like. Although these strategies still work up to date, most of your target market are shifting to a more advanced way of acquiring information. 

If you have a desire to expand your business, you must understand the marketing trend that helps keep businesses alive. According to a survey, over 85% of people utilises the internet in searching for products and services. Oftentimes customers also search for websites to investigate the legitimacy and credibility of a brand.

Going Digital

There are several methods on how to start incorporating digital marketing as one of your strategies for your business. You can also choose from investing a significant amount to basically start learning from scratch.

Here are 3 main platforms you can use to jumpstart your digital marketing journey:

  • Website: This shows the totality of your brand, this is where you can explain your business on a deeper level. For beginners this step may seem too much to handle, that’s why a lot took time to set up their own domain but others decided to outsource experts that will do the job.
  • Blog: This can be basically used as a content for your website or can be posted separately for your audience to see. This can add value to your brand where you can share significant insights that your audience can relate.
  • Social Media: Setting up a page using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is pretty simple and free and a good place to start your digital marketing. But if you want a more advanced and efficient way to reach more audience, you may consider paid ad campaigns.

Why go Digital?

We live in a generation where innovations are limitless, it is crucial for every business to understand that in order to get on the game you must have an advanced and open mindset, ready to take risks and open to innovations. A lot of companies made a grave mistake of not embracing changes in upgrading their services thinking that their business can thrive despite doing the same strategy over the years just to end up losing. 

 Because of face paced living, people prefer convenience than putting so much effort in acquiring something. That’s why the main goal of digital marketing is to offer you and your target market transactions in the most effortless and efficient way. 

 A lot of small businesses particularly the traditional ones, still think that their business model is not fit for digital marketing. Which is totally untrue, no matter what product or services you are offering, the possibilities are endless when you go digital. As mentioned earlier, more and more people are embracing digital platforms in making business transactions because of its convenience and who doesn’t want convenience? 

Can I afford to go Digital?

To put it in a simple perspective, imagine yourself handing out flyers to promote your business locally, the chance of expanding beyond local is rather thin. Or can you afford traditional marketing like expensive television or radio ads that don’t directly target your preferred audience? And lastly how’s your customer service? Are you still handling manual booking that can easily get mixed up, ending in with disappointed customers? So the real question is, can you afford losing your business in the long run because you lack the motivation to innovate? That’s why going digital is not just cost efficient but can also make a great impact for your business in ways you can’t even imagine.

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