5 Blog Writing Tips

19 December 2023
5 Blog Writing Tips

No skill can’t be mastered overnight, it takes hard work, dedication, and consistency if you want to be an expert in your field of interest. 

If you’ve been dreaming of putting up your own blog site or if you want to create blog content for your business but you have limited idea on how to achieve a noteworthy content that your audience and consumers would love to read, then we have tips for you!

Here are 5 blog writing tips:

1. Plan

Creating a blog can take time especially if you are a beginner. You will most likely sit for hours even days just to come up with a topic and write the whole content, but those moments are crucial in order for you to intricately plan your moves. 

To help you with the planning process you need to:

Choose your topic of interest
Writing about something that interests you will reflect the outcome. It is important that you create something that is fun and filled with enthusiasm. 

Create an outline
Having a well-structured outline is vital for your content so that your readers will know the specifics and not struggle to follow along. We do not want to end up confusing our readers!

You have to accept the fact that there are certain details in a topic that you probably do not know everything about. That is ok – you will just need to make sure you spend time in this researching phase.

Get your facts straight
Just as stated earlier, it is very important that all the information you put into your blog is true and came from a reputable source. One reason for this is to avoid being fraudulent.

2. Be creative with your headline

Spend time working on your headline – it should be like a title for a video on YouTube where they use clickbait to capture their audience attention. You need to have a clever catch phrase or something that would grab people’s senses. Headlines are what your audience sees first when you open up your site. But be careful about content clickbaits that don’t coincide with your topic and end up getting your audience furious and disappointed.

There are two ways to come up with your headlines, it either comes before your main content or compose it after you have finished your write up.

3. Write your content

Just as writing your headline, there are two approaches for you to come up with your main content. Either you create a raw draft in one session, then edit it later on. Or complete it one step at a time, whichever works for you. The important thing is, you need to make sure that every detail you want to incorporate in your blog is in the final content. 

The more you keep up with this skill the better you will get over time, so just be patient with yourself as there is no need to rush. 

4. Use effective images

Since we are now living in a digital world and most people rely on visual content, it is better to incorporate visually appealing images within your blog. It is also one way of capturing their attention, because a lengthy blog post will eventually regress your audience’s focus and attention. 

There are also other reasons why images can help you gain more readers. First, it helps your readers go within the flow of your content, second, it entertains them especially if you put humorous visuals, and last but not the least, it makes your content more comprehensible. 

5. Edit and refine your content

Editing plays a crucial role to your whole content, it is even more challenging than writing the blog itself because you can’t avoid having to sacrifice chipping out words in order for your content to make more sense. Aside from that, you also have to make sure that your grammar is on point and free from plagiarism. 

There are several tips to create an awesome blog, and these are, avoiding word repetition, proofread your post to check the flow, allow someone to read your work, be brief and concise with your sentences and paragraphs, accept imperfections, be brave to cut off anything that seems to divert your whole content. 

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